With Vue.js, How to use a modal component inside v-for loop?

i made v-for loop cards with vue-Bootstrap. in state, there are dummy. like this. myTeams: [ {name: “T1”, img: “https://placekitten.com/300/300” , nickname: “”, …

Access parent component scope in b-table slot

Im using a v-slot in a so I can create a link. The first part of the link contains data from the datasource. However the querystring has a parameter that I need to include in the link….

Vue.js pagination with http requests

I have table with pagination-nav component: I get …

Vue change color of input field when clicked delete button

I am really new to vue js and I am trying to change the input field color when user click on the trash-fill button. Currently when I upload a character on input field it changes the color to green. Is there a way to change input field color from green to white when the user click on <b-icon icon=”trash-fill” font-scale=”1.5″ @click=”deleteRfidBeforeReload($event, index, 10)”></b-icon> ? View Script My code on JSFIDDLE https://jsfiddle.net/ujjumaki/7qsnvftm/17/ Answer I see that you are using the ternary operator. You could introduce a new property in your objects in your array, which we would toggle true or false,