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javascript arguments passed as objects instead of strings

Please help me understand how this could happen: I think I’m passing simple strings to a Javascript function, but they are received as form objects! The first argument is the id of the form. The second argument is the name of an input. I’m expecting string string instead. Answer When you concatenate the variables into the onclick attribute, they will

Alternative syntax to access javascript function arguments

prints Is there a way to access the actual arguments in that case? Answer I would advise against overriding the built-in arguments variable within a function definition. You could spread the expected arguments instead using …vargs. Please take a look at the arguments object over at MDN for more info. The documentation notes that if you are using ES6 syntax,

Javascript arguments shifting

Let’s assume that we have the following function: I understand that data and type are just references to specific values in arguments. But why in the end, data is equal to 3? Answer From Strict mode makes arguments less bizarrely magical. In normal code within a function whose first argument is arg, setting arg also sets arguments[0], and vice