Safari Developer Tools: How to Preserve Console Log Upon Navigation?

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When using Safari Web Inspector to read the JavaScript console output, the log is reset upon navigation i.e. going from page index.html to mail.html clears the console output. In the Chrome Developer Tools, I can easily preserve the log by right clicking on the console space and selecting Preserve Log Upon Navigation. With this option, console log output remains intact until I manually clear the output simplifying the process of debugging JavaScript that refreshes or redirects to another page.

Is there a similar feature in Safari Web Inspector?


I don’t know when this was added, but it is present in Safari on El Capitan (Safari 9.0). It works the same as in Chrome (right click in the console window and select “Keep Log on Navigation”).

Update: As per Daniel Compton’s answer, in Safari 11+ this is now under the settings icon as ‘Console: Clear when page navigates’.

Update: The setting is now back to “Preserve log” in the Network tab in the developer console in Safari 14+

Source: stackoverflow