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react-i18next ignores options parameter

I wanted to organize better the language translation files of my project having to nest objects in the language file.

  • Without nesting everything works fine
  • Even nesting objects I can access them by passing the attribute directory in the t() function (ie: t(‘section.subsection.text’)
  • Documentation’s solution doesn’t work for me and I don’t know why

I already tried printing the useTranslation instance to see if it was receiving the “keyPrefix” value but it always says ‘undefined’ either on the t or the fixedT function.

lang file is like this:

export const en = {
      text:'my text',

the file where I use the useTranslation hook:

const { t } = useTranslation('section', { keyPrefix: 'subsection' });


this is taken from the documentation

// having resources like this:
  "translation": {
    "very": {
      "deeply": {
        "nested": {
          "key": "here"
// you can define a keyPrefix to be used for the resulting t function
const { t } = useTranslation('translation', { keyPrefix: 'very.deeply.nested' });
const text = t('key'); // "here"



I had an old node.js version.

Update it (nvm is a great tool for this) and voilĂ