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How I make different objects from one class function?

I’m making a note-taker app.

The problem is….when I click the ‘view detail’ button which I created, no matter what button I click among these, it shows me the modal of last content that I made.

I believe it shows me the content from the last object I created from the class function. And the class function keeps refreshing the object.

I want it to show me the content depends on the ‘view detail’ button I clicked.

Can you help me? Thank you (I marked up ❓ on the code for I what I think the issue is so that you can read more easily)

class Note {
        this.title = a;
        this.body = b;   


function run(e) {

    let newNote = new Note(titleInput.value,noteInput.value);❓

    titleInput.value = "" ;
    noteInput.value = "" ;       

function addNoteToList(newNote) {
    let note = document.createElement('div');

        <span hidden >${}</span>
        <h2 class="note_title">${newNote.title.substring(0,20)}</h2> 
        <div class="note_content">${newNote.body.substring(0,30)}</div>
        <button class="myButton2 detail">view detail</button>
        <button class="myButton2 delete">delete</button>    

    noteNew.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
        if ('detail')) {

function activeModal(a) {    
    document.querySelector('.modal_title').innerHTML= ${a.title};❓
    document.querySelector('.modal_content').innerHTML = ${a.body};❓

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Your class code is fine, there is nothing wrong with the instances, and nothing is shared.

The problem is that you are attaching the listener – all listeners – to the noteNew container that holds all the notes, not to the invidual new note divs. Clicking on one .detail button will fire them all, and the last one will win.