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react set style value to unset

A component has right and bottom css properties that are set using a classname. And I wanted to overide those values using the style prop. But so far I could set numerical values like 10px or 0px and others, but was unable to set it to unset.

So what can I do to set them to `unset`? So far I tried this
<CTAButton position="relative" style={{right:"", bottom:""}}/>


<CTAButton position="relative" style={{right:null, bottom:null}}/>


<CTAButton position="relative" style={{right:undefined, bottom:undefined}}/>

Which all failed. How can I do this?


<CTAButton position="relative" style={{right:"unset", bottom:"unset"}}/>

unset can be applied to any CSS property, including the CSS shorthand all. Just my suggestion but I am sure that it is allright. Thanks.