d3.js get JSON from url

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The situation is that i am trying to get d3 to read a JSON file which is stored in Windows Azure Blob storage. If i paste the url into a browser then the file is downloaded to my machine. I would like to be able get the JSON file from the url with d3, but no graph is produced which leads me to believe that the d3 is unable to read the file.

Here is a snippet of the code:

            var url = "http://storageName.blob.core.windows.net/containerName/file.json";

            d3.json("url", function (json) {

             //code here

I have set the container to public on Azure, so i believe that it should be accessible to anyone with the url. Any suggestions?


you’ll have to set the Content-Type http header to “application/json” on your blob.

It can be done programmatically or using the rest API, or using a free utility like cloudberry explorer for azure blob storage.

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