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will redux updates the value everywhere or just stores the data? [closed]

Will redux updates the value everywhere
like: var [a, setA] = useState(0) in react app
or just stores the data like var a = 0;
And is better to learn ‘redux’ or ‘easy-peasy’
sorry for my english, its bad


The point of Redux (more, the react-redux library) is propagating your data into all components and rerendering those once required data changes.

The official recommendation of the Redux team is to learn Redux Toolkit, not Easy-Peasy or one of the thousands of other helper libraries built on top of Redux – as that way you will know the “standard way” of doing things and not one special solution that has relatively few users. (Easy peasy has less than 5% of the RTK userbase.)

Best way of getting started with that is the official “Essentials” tutorial: