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Where can I start to create a REST API’s that will manage job listings?

I have an assignment to create a REST api’s that will manage job listings and possible applicants, the program must be backed by an SQL database and I am a bit lost on where to start could someone please help me?


you can approach this in a lot of ways,

first of all you need to choose a backend language to use, this choice can either be driven by what languages you can actually use or some project requirements

here are some frameworks by popular languages:

  • Java: Spring Boot
  • Python: Django, Flask
  • C#: .NET Core REST Api
  • Javascript: Node.js -> Express.js

then you need to decide if you want to use some tools like SwaggerUi to show the endpoints

also depending on the level of complexity you want to achieve you may need to consider using an open relational mapping library (ORM) to handle the queries for you, an example for C# is EntityFramework, for other languages you can easily find equivalents by searching ORM

you are gonna encounter some CORS problems probably so do some research on that topic too, each framework has his own ways to handle CORS

I’m not gonna cover the security part on this answer but if you need to provide conditional access to the APIs you need to consider that too as you will need some way to check if the request is authorized, as this is usually done using Bearer tokens a quick research on that won’t hurt!