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What am doing wrong in here?

Input value always gets into if condition first even am parsing it to parseInt() and when page refreshed with a number it gets into else condition, like its not registering the inputValue at first place, also if i add a submit event rather an click one event doesnt fires up.

<div class="addHere"></div>
  <div class="inputs">
    <input type="text" maxlength="1" class="inputValue" placeholder="insert numbers:"/>
    <button class="btn">+</button>

    // this line was modified
    const inputValue = parseInt(document.querySelector(".inputValue").value);
    const div = document.querySelector(".addHere");
    document.querySelector(".btn").addEventListener("click", addInputs);
    fucntion addInputs() {
    if(isNaN(inputValue)) {
    alert("Wrong input");
    } else {
    for ( let i = 1; i <= inputValue; i++) {
      const form = document.createElement("form");
          form.method = "post";
          form.action = "#";
          const input1 = document.createElement("input");
          input1.type = "text";
          input1.maxLength = "12";
          input1.className = "factor";
          input1.required = true;
          const input2 = document.createElement("input");
          input2.type = "text";
          input2.maxLength = "1";
          input2.className = "priority";
          input2.required = true;
          const br = document.createElement("br");
        const sub = document.createElement("button");
        sub.type = "submit";
        sub.value = "Submit";
        sub.className = "subButton";
        sub.textContent = "Submit";


You’re recording the value of the input on page load, so at first it is empty.

Move this line

    const inputValue = parseInt(document.querySelector(".inputValue").value);

to be the first line of your function that runs after clicking your button.

    function addInputs() {
    const inputValue = parseInt(document.querySelector(".inputValue").value);

Also it is probably best to use ID’s for those elements and select them by their ID’s rather than a class. ID’s are unique so there can only be one of them on the page.

I also corrected typos in those lines, missing ” and misspelled function.