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Using VMenu from vuetify with render function (scoped slot)

I’m trying to use Vuetify’s VMenu component and I would like that when a user clicks the button the VMenu shows up. As far as the docs goes it says we should add a scoped slot. Doing with a normal template it works but when I switch to a render function approach it never renders the button.

I have been following the Vue’s docs and ended up with:

h(VMenu, { props: { value: isMenuOpen.value } }, [
                scopedSlots: {
                  activator: ({ on, attrs }) => {
                     debugger; // it never reaches this debugger
                     return h(VButton, { on, attrs }, 'click me');
            h(VList, [h(VListItem, [h(VListItemTitle, ["Logout"])])]),

I have tried using a non-arrow function as well:

scopedSlots: { activator: function({ on, attrs }) {  return h('div', 'click me');  } }

and return a simple h('div', 'click me') in both non-arrow function and arrow function and nothing seems to work.

How can I pass the scoped slot activator to VMenu component?



Scoped slots are passed through the scopedSlots property of createElement‘s 2nd argument in the form of { name: props => VNode | Array<VNode> }. In your case, scopedSlots should have two entries: one for activator, and another for default:

import { VMenu, VList, VListItem, VBtn } from 'vuetify/lib'

export default {
  render(h) {
    return h(VMenu, {
      scopedSlots: {
        activator: props => h(VBtn, props, 'Open'),
        default: () => h(VList, [
          h(VListItem, 'item 1'),
          h(VListItem, 'item 2'),
          h(VListItem, 'item 3'),

which is equivalent to this template:

    <template v-slot:activator="{ on, attrs }">
      <v-btn v-bind="attrs" v-on="on">Open</v-btn>
      <v-list-item>item 1</v-list-item>
      <v-list-item>item 2</v-list-item>
      <v-list-item>item 3</v-list-item>


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