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Use reselect selector with parameters

How do I pass additional parameters to combined selectors? I am trying to

• Get data

• Filter data

• Add custom value to my data set / group data by myValue

export const allData = state => state.dataTable
export const filterText = state => state.filter.get('text')

export const selectAllData = createSelector(
  (data) => data

export const selectAllDataFiltered = createSelector(
  [ selectAllData, filterText ],
  (data, text) => {
    return data.filter(item => {
      return === text

export const selectWithValue = createSelector(
  [ selectAllDataFiltered ],
  (data, myValue) => {
    return data

let data = selectWithValue(state, 'myValue')

console.log(myValue) returns undefined



The answer to your questions is detailed in an FAQ here:

In short, reselect doesn’t support arbitrary arguments passed to selectors. The recommended approach is, instead of passing an argument, store that same data in your Redux state.

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