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JavaScript: xState: Connection to database implementation

I’m new to xState state machine library and am trying to implement a database connection and get data states using a third-party library. This library has a connect, disconnect functionality. It publishes 3 events, loginSuccess, loginFailureanddisconnect`. My state machine initially is in an idle state and on a button click, disconnects all existing connections and initiates a database connection attempt.

Testing actions reliably

I’m using xstate to implement a login flow. I have a machine where the initialState invokes a Promise, and if it’s rejected it will redirect to a state that has an entry action. I would like to test that the action is called at the right time properly. machine.ts machine.spec.ts I managed to make it work in kinda of an

Is it posible to use a State Machine without using Conditional Statements on the Current State?

I want to use a state machine where the current state is mapped to the current screen. I am using svelte with xstate. Example with string as type: App.svelte machine.js How to do the same with a svelte component instead of a string? Instead of <p>{$toggleService.value}</p> something like this <$toggleService.value /> Edit: What I tried: Create Lobby and Login svelte