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Tag: xhtml

HTML 5, inline SVG, and namespace awareness for SVG DOM

The following questions are confusing me. I know they are related, but… Is HTML 5 namespace aware (for including tags of SVG/other XML dialects)? If it is not, then what about this – I have read this old link, but I am totally confused… because Mozilla says “to dynamically modify inline SVG, scripting needs to be done this way” –

Can we create onclick popup without Javascript in CSS?

Can we create onclick popup without Javascript in CSS? Answer No, you can’t. You have to use script to wire an event handler for onlcick. and the user agent decides whether the page should be opened in a new window or tab. If you need a new popup window with custom size you have to use and you can’t

Reading cookie expiration date

Is it possible to read cookie expiration date using JavaScript? If yes, how? If not, is there a source I can look at? Answer It is not possible to get the expiration date of a cookie through Javascript; only key-value pairs are exposed through document.cookie.