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Svelte – how to make data not reactive?

I have some HTML elements that have a property color. The value of color will change over time. And I will add more of these label elements in future, but I wish only new elements inherit the new value – effectively, I wish to disable reactivity for this variable. Is this possible in Svelte? Answer Create a property labelColor and

Svelte store function update

Svelte store documentation shows String or Integer being updated, but I did not find any dynamic function in store. I don’t understand how to make the getData function as a writable in order to notify the html of the change. In the following sample, I would like b to be shown after the updateKey function is called. You will find

Making class instance reactive in Svelte using stores

I am learning Svelte by creating simple app. The logic is written using classes. The idea is, that all the data needed comes from class instance properties. Instances should not be instantiated more than once. I am using stores to provide components this instances. The problem is I can’t get reactivity using this approach. I tried readable and writable stores