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Tag: shorthand

Ternary shorthand for foo ? foo : bar

I realized I am using the ternary operator most of the time as following: foo ? foo : bar; This becomes cumbersome, as the variable length gets quite long, e. g. appModel.settings.notifications ? appModel.settings.notifications : {}; Is there any shorthand or more elegant way of doing this? Perhaps ES6 or ES7? Answer You can write it like this : you

Shorthand if/else statement Javascript

I’m wondering if there’s a shorter way to write this: I initially tried x = y || 1, but that didn’t work. What’s the correct way to go about this? Answer Note that var x = y || 1; would assign 1 for any case where y is falsy (e.g. false, 0, “”), which may be why it “didn’t work”