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Tag: react-query

What are staleTime and cacheTime in React-Query?

I have read React Query docs. Still, I do not understand how to use staleTime & cacheTime for data caching. I want to store data for 2 mins in the cache after first-time API call. No matter if the component mounts or unmounts, I don’t want an API call for 2 mins after the first time I got the data.

Using QueryClientProvider in a Wrapper

I want to use a single Wrapper Component in a library im providing. The wrapper should provide stuff like Context and QueryClient. The component looks like this: When wrapping children with the Wrapper useQuery throws an error that no QueryClientProvider is set. In this case App uses the useQuery Hook from react-query. At first i thought you need a QueryClientProvider

How to properly implement useQueries in react-query?

I’m using react-query to make two separate queries in the same React component. I originally tried using two useQuery hooks: Here’s the content of useData, which is imported from another file: fetchData is a function that queries an AWS DDB table. I’m happy to post that function, but I’m currently excluding it for brevity. Rendering Component results in this error:

React-Query useQuery is caching response

I have following code This function should be called when I visit my main page, but when returning to this route from another page this request is not triggered and I don’t get fresh data. What I want is this query to be called every time like useEffect Answer data from the cache is always returned if there is data

useQuery hook not returning data variable

I have a problem in my useQuery hook from react-query package. Here I call the API using axios and I’m successfully getting the data (I debugged my app). The problem is when I return the result it’s not saving in the data variable of the useQuery hook. Here is my code: Answer because this function isn’t returning anything useQuery needs

React Query with hooks is throwing error, “Uncaught Error: Too many re-renders. React limits the number of renders to prevent an infinite loop.”

I am working on a React JS project that is using React query,, React hooks and functional components. But it is throwing error when I use react query for API call. This is my component and how I use query within it. This is my getList API call logic When I run my code, I get the following error: