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Tag: react-dom

How to map JSON data in react js?

I want to map JSON data in key-value manner. I tried it doing on stackblitz but it is showing error. THE CODE I WROTE: THE ERROR I AM GETTING IS: Error in /turbo_modules/react-dom@17.0.0/cjs/react-dom.development.js (26083:13) Target container is not a DOM element. Answer You must export default react components. I got it working in a sandbox (link), by changing this

React Dom not updating after updating a state array

so this function updates this state array: let [Produits, setProduit] = useState(JSON.parse(Devis.produits)) the array did update without any problem but the changes aren’t getting re-rendered as you can see i’m loggin to the console to check if that line is getting executed and it does ! but the values rendered doesn’t update ! Answer Don’t mutate state, do this instead:

Text Sliders front-end using React

I’m learning basics of react and currently im exploring certain problem statements available on the internet. One such problem statement required me to create a react app for a text slide creator with previous , next and reset buttons. I was able to create till here – My app.js file looks something like this- and my SlideComponent.js looks something like