Inserting text in the MenuBar of QML

These menus by default appear on the left side. I want to place some text on the left side before the menu starts appearing. How to push the menus to right in order to create space for the text in …

Working with delegate model and delegate model group dynamically QML?

I have been using a DelegateModel and DelegateModelGroup to only show certain items of a List Model in my delegate. The process is essentially the same as the process described in the first answer to this question. The code for the DelegateModel is below. I am using this so that only 3 random elements from a ListModel are shown in a delegate at once. I then use a function to update these once a timer from c++ times out and emits a signal so a new 3 elements are used. Here is the code for the updating function and he

Keep the “TabButton” highlighted all the time – (custom style)

I want to keep the TabButton stay highlighted after clicked on it, so I know which tab I currently active. Like original TabButton when I click on Surface tab it will stay highlighted even though I click on it’s child tabs. (see image below, these tabs are active Surface > Reflect > Base > Reflect Lights) but when I apply my style on “TabButton” it doesn’t work: As you can see these tabs (Surface > Reflect > Base) are not highlighted, but only Reflect Lights, even though if I click on anything else it will lose its highlight. Here is