How do I merge two arrays of Objects with a shared ID in TypeScript?

I have two Arrays of Objects, that share an ID. How do I merge them into a single Array, where all items have been merged based on the ID? I’m using TypeScript and Angular. Answer I think you could use something like this:

How to merge two objects, overriding null values?

I’d like to merge two similar but not identical objects and override null values in one of them, if such exist. For example I’d have these two objects: And the effect of merge should be: In other words, the most important source of data in the merged object is obj2 but it lacks some properties from obj1, so they need to be copied and also some of the obj2 values are null so they should be taken from obj1 as well. EDIT I tried: and Answer You can use _.mergeWith(), and in the merge callback only take the 2nd value