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Tag: lodash

Lodash throttle firing multiple times

I am using lodash throttle like this I need to trigger this upon a certain notification event I am getting from a ws. So the idea was, if I get 10 notifications at almost the same time, to have the fetch function fire only once at the wait of 10 seconds. Instead, what is happening is that the fetch functions

Checking ‘undefined’ or ‘null’ of any Object

I am working on Angular project and time to time I used to have check undefined or null over Object or it’s properties. Normally I use lodash _.isUndefined() see example below: I couldn’t see any problem with it. But I had discussion with my colleague during review of above code. He was telling me that […]

How to merge two objects, overriding null values?

I’d like to merge two similar but not identical objects and override null values in one of them, if such exist. For example I’d have these two objects: And the effect of merge should be: In other words, the most important source of data in the merged object is obj2 but it lacks some properties […]