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Tag: jsonp

How to use DuckDuckGo’s search autocomplete suggestions

I’m transitioning my personal search suggestions from google to duckduckgo, but I’m missing something simple to make it work. I’m using jQuery-UI’s autocomplete framework. My search form My jQuery The query for google returns: The query for duckduckgo returns: The difference between the two seems to be jsonCallback && jsonCallback([data]) is included in the google query and I don’t understand

How to parse link header from github API

the github API sends the pagination data for the json results in the http link header: since the github API is not the only API using this method (i think) i wanted to ask if someone has a useful little snippet to parse the link header (and convert it to an array for example) so that i can use it

What is JSONP, and why was it created?

I understand JSON, but not JSONP. Wikipedia’s document on JSON is (was) the top search result for JSONP. It says this: JSONP or “JSON with padding” is a JSON extension wherein a prefix is specified as an input argument of the call itself. Huh? What call? That doesn’t make any sense to me. JSON is a data format. There’s no