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Tag: google-maps-api-3

Google Places Autocomplete API – Abbreviate Cardinal Direction on input

I’m using Google Places Autocomplete for looking up addresses, and I want users to be able to type abbreviations for the cardinal directions in their street addresses. For example, my users have to type “north” out completely (eg 123 “north” willow lane), instead of just “n” (eg 123 “n” willow lane). Users try to type “n” “s” “e” “w” most

Google Maps clustering if markers greater than 5

I’m trying to add clusters into google map and below code works charm, but I need to add clusters if there are more than 5 markers at same place. How would I do that with MarkerClusterer? Answer From the MarkerClustererPlus documentation minimumClusterSize number The minimum number of markers needed in a cluster before the markers are hidden and a cluster