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Tag: filtering

Filter array of infinitely nested objects

Let’s say I have an array of nested objects such as: And I would like to return a new array with id: 3 excluded for example. So it would become: The excluded id can be from any level, and it and its children should be removed. What’s the best approach to do this? I’ve tried several other solutions with no

Getting odd results from a for loop inside a filter function

I’m looping inside a filter. I want to get the values from my vals array plus the keys(name, description) for my filter. When I iterate through my vals array, I keep getting returned the name but not the key. Ideally I would like the return method to give me key and value. return x[this.searchValues[i]].includes(‘phil’) to be return‘phil’) return x.decription.includes(‘phil’)

Filter an Array of strings using Filtered String and Remove from Original Array

I want to remove some elements from the array containing the word Evil (filterString). Here is what I get for the original array (guests): [‘Partner’, ‘Nice Relative 2’, ‘another evil’, ‘another one’, ‘strange Evil is here’, ‘someone Nicer’] Just want the guests array updated once the desired string (Evil) is filtered. Answer Since you want to mutate the original array