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Tag: fancybox-3

How to add additional caption in fancybox

Here’s my setup for the fancybox: I’ve successfully added an additional rightColumn (sidebar) to the fancybox (it’s not captured in the image below) as you can see from the setup. But now I want to add HTML content inside the area which fenced with a red marker on the image below. How can I add additional div with HTML elements

Using afterClose event with Fancybox3

How can I create an afterclose event with FancyBox3? I’m using afterClose event with the second version of fancybox but i’m trying to upgrade to fancybox3 and the instructions say to put the options in “data-options” attribute. Here’s what i tried: and also: Answer Your 2nd snippet should work, see this demo – HTML JS I have put alert(‘Done!’)