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Tag: anime.js

How could I optimize this js animation?

I’ve been trying to build this animation with three palm leaves gently swaying as a background for a website, but it needs to run as smoothly as possible without messing with the page loading time too much. I’m pretty new to js so the code I’ve got at the moment is probably not optimal, Therefore I am asking if I

Anime.js – pause between loop iterations

I have this animation: I want to make a pause between animation loops: so when brush returns to the final point, it will stay here a bit before new movement starting. But I have no idea how to fix animation (timings, maybe?) properly to achieve it. Thank you in advance! Answer Ok, finally I got it. In arrayed keyframes in

How can I chain animations in anime.js?

Is there any way to chain animations in anime.js or have queues / groups of animations that I can wait for in order to proceed with other animations? AdvertisementAnswer Each animation with anime returns a promise, so you can use async/await in combination with Promise.all, do remember, though, Promise.all makes it so that all animations […]