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Tag: angularjs

Two sets of parentheses after function call

I was looking how filters works in Angularjs and I saw that we need to send 2 sets of parentheses. What does it means and how do we handle it with JavaScript? Answer It means that the first function ($filter) returns another function and then that returned function is called immediately. For Example:

ScrollTo function in AngularJS

I’m trying to get a quick nav to work correctly. It’s floating on the side. When they click on a link, it takes them to that ID on the page. I’m following this guide from Treehouse. This is what I have for the scrolling: I initially placed it before the </body>. But I seem to be running into a race

ng-repeat with ng-transclude inside a directive

I want to create a list with custom behavior when it’s content changes. I try to create a directive for this but I get a bit lost with how to combine the ng-transclude with the ng-repeat directive. Can somebody put me on track? Html: Javascript: I’ve got part of this somewhat working here EDIT: Criteria: The template of the item