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Select Multiple divs with the same ID

I have looped through my posts and the result is multiple posts on a summary page. I am also using firebase realtime database to store certain info for these posts. I am querying the firebase realtime database to see what data is stored under a post id. Unfortunately I am only getting a result for the 1st post and subsequent posts aren’t getting any data.

After some research I have learned that you cannot choose multiple div’s with the same ID as ID’s are supposed to be unique on the HTML page.

The original script is


I have tried the following:


but these syntax are not right. Any advice as to how I can shape my query to get the desired result.



Try document.querySelectorAll(".className") to select all the elements on a page that fit the specified criteria. document.querySelector and document.querySelectorAll both target elements using the css-like keywords.

Then you could loop through all the elements that it returns:

let postList = document.querySelectorAll(".post-class-name")

for (let i = 0; i < postList.length; i++)
    // Will log the title of each post

However, please note that the title attribute is the text that appears after hovering on an element. Maybe add a class to each of the titles called post-title and replacing .post-class-name with .post-title and then instead of finding postList[i].title you could find postList[i].innerText which will return the title of each post’s title