Replace old value with new value excluding the children

The initial text of A, B, C, D, and the number need to be removed in the frontend because I require it in the backend.

The HTML structure of table row is like this:

<tr ng-repeat="(key, field) in nbd_fields" ng-show="field.enable &amp;&amp; field.published" class="ng-scope">
  <td class="ng-binding">A,B,C,D: 1 - Auswahl Wunschkarte : <b class="ng-binding">Wähle eine Option</b>
  <td ng-bind-html="field.price | to_trusted" class="ng-binding"></td>

Before Input:

Before input

Current Output:

Current output

If you notice that the selected option is also not visible. Is it because of the $(window).load() ?

Required Output:

Required output

Code that I am using:

jQuery(".ng-scope").text(function(i, oldVal) {
    return oldVal.replace(/^[^-]+ - /,""); 

How can I make it so that it does not affect the <b> tag inside?

I used the above code for the steps heading with a different selector on the same page* and it worked because it did not have any children to alter.

I had to wrap it around $(window).load() so that the changes are applied after the table is loaded. $(document).ready() did not work with it. Not sure why?


(Edit: Modified to accommodate restated requirement in comment below.)

To strip “everything up to and including the ‘-‘” from the text of first column table cells while leaving the rest untouched:

// strip "everything up to and including the '-'"
// from table cell contents
function stripPrefix(tblCell) {
 // only evaluate first td in tr
  if (tblCell.previousElementSibling) {
  const tNode = tblCell.firstChild;
  // ignore if table cell is empty
  if (!tNode) {
  const chars = tNode.nodeValue.split('');
  const iFirstDash = chars.indexOf('-');
  if (iFirstDash === -1) { return; }
  tNode.nodeValue = chars.slice(iFirstDash+1).join('');

function stripAllPrefixes() {
  const tds = document.getElementsByTagName('td');
  for (const td of tds) {
td {
  border: 1px solid gray;
<h4>Strip "everything up to and including the '-'" from Table Cells</h4>
    <td>A,B,C,D: 1 - Auswahl Wunschkarte : <b>Wähle eine Option</b></td>
    <td>B,C,D,E: 20 - A different leader : <b>should also be stripped</b></td>
    <td>Oops no dash here <b>Just checking</b></td>


<button onclick="stripAllPrefixes();">Strip All</button>

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