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react-router go back a page how do you configure history?

Can anyone please tell me how I can go back to the previous page rather than a specific route?

When using this code:

var BackButton = React.createClass({

 mixins: [Router.Navigation],
  render: function() {
    return (
            className="button icon-left"

  navigateBack: function(){

Get this error, goBack() was ignored because there is no router history

Here are my routes:

// Routing Components
Route = Router.Route;
RouteHandler = Router.RouteHandler;
DefaultRoute = Router.DefaultRoute;

var routes = (
 <Route name="app" path="/" handler={OurSchoolsApp}>
     <DefaultRoute name="home" handler={HomePage} />
     <Route name="add-school" handler={AddSchoolPage}  />
     <Route name="calendar" handler={CalendarPage}  />
     <Route name="calendar-detail" path="calendar-detail/:id" handler={CalendarDetailPage} />
     <Route name="info-detail" path="info-detail/:id" handler={InfoDetailPage} />
     <Route name="info" handler={InfoPage} />
     <Route name="news" handler={NewsListPage} />
     <Route name="news-detail" path="news-detail/:id" handler={NewsDetailPage} />
     <Route name="contacts" handler={ContactPage} />
     <Route name="contact-detail" handler={ContactDetailPage} />
     <Route name="settings" handler={SettingsPage} />
 );, function(Handler){
   var mountNode = document.getElementById('app');
   React.render(<Handler /> , mountNode);


I think you just need to enable BrowserHistory on your router by intializing it like that : <Router history={new BrowserHistory}>.

Before that, you should require BrowserHistory from 'react-router/lib/BrowserHistory'

I hope that helps !

UPDATE : example in ES6

const BrowserHistory = require('react-router/lib/BrowserHistory').default;

const App = React.createClass({
    render: () => {
        return (
            <div><button onClick={BrowserHistory.goBack}>Go Back</button></div>

    <Router history={BrowserHistory}>
        <Route path="/" component={App} />
), document.body);