Press the enter key in a text box with jQuery

How can I mimic pressing the enter button from within a <input>, using jQuery?

In other words, when a <input> (type text) is in focus and you press enter, a certain event is triggered. How can I trigger that event with jQuery?

There is no form being submitted, so .submit() won’t work


Okay, please listen carefully, because my question is being misinterpreted. I do NOT want to trigger events WHEN the enter button is pressed in textbox. I want to simulate the enter button being pressed inside the textbox, and trigger this from jQuery, from $(document).ready. So no method involving on.('keypress')... or stuff like that is what I’m looking for.


Use keypress then check the keycode

Try this

$('input').on('keypress', function(e) {
    var code = e.keyCode || e.which;
        // Enter pressed... do anything here...


e = jQuery.Event("keypress")
e.which = 13 //choose the one you want
     alert('keypress triggered')


Source: stackoverflow