Parsing values from Google news

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From Google news I’m attempting to parse the results. For example, parse the title and text from the search “latest movie releases”, here is the URL:…299098.305542.0.305681.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..1.13.704…0j33i10k1.0.9TgaNbbee40

The results appear to use #rso in the id:

enter image description here

But the iterator over $('#rso').each is empty. What id or css element should I select in order to iterate over the divs of search results ?

Iterator code:

$('#rso').each(function (i, element) {
    console('div level 1')
    var title = $(this).find('.r').text();
    var link = $(this).find('.r').find('a').attr('href').replace('/url?q=', '').split('&')[0];
    var text = $(this).find('.st').text();
    var img = $(this).find('').attr('src');
      title: title,
      link: link,
      text: text,
      img: img


You should use $$ instead

$$('#rso > div')

enter image description here


Console Utilities API Reference

$(selector) is alias to document.querySelector()

$$(selector) is alias to document.querySelectorAll()

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