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Json Array Pushes Data Twice to File Tree with React

When pushing data into a file tree, it pushes 2 sets of the same data and I am not exactly sure why.

I have a simple json array that looks like this:

export const treeDataFile = [{
  type: 'directory',
  name: '2022',
  export default treeDataFile;

I am trying to push 4 files I have into it like this by calling this function:

 const addFileToTree = (file,i) => {
      treeDataFile.push({type: i, name: file});

This is how addFileToTree is being called:

const [files, setFiles] = useState([]);

 //AWS Setup 
 useEffect(() => {
       identityPoolId: '',
       region: 'us-east-1',
     Storage: {
       AWSS3: {
         region: 'ca-central-1',

 //gets all files in the bucket
 useEffect(() => {
   Storage.list('').then(files => {
     const s3_files = setFiles(files);
     s3_files.replace(""eTag":", ""perfect":");
   }).catch(err => {

return (    
   <div classname="container">
    <CssBaseline />
  <Tree  style={{width:"280px", height: "500"}}  value={treeDataFile} onClick={handleShow} />
           {,i) => (
             <tr key={file.key}>

The result has been this, there should only be 4 items, but it has duplicated it.

enter image description here

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You’re mutating the global treeDataFile as a side effect of your component function (and even “worse”, as a side effect of a render .map()). Among other things, this would cause treeDataFile to grow larger and larger every time your component is updated.

You’re also probably using React’s StrictMode, which double-renders your components to begin with to make sure you’re not doing anything silly, like you now are.

If your goal is to derive a treeDataFile for that tree component based on the global treeDataFile and files, you can do that with useMemo, which is a hook designed for deriving new data based on other data; in this case your “base” treeDataFile and the files you get. (I assume they’re props, since you don’t show. They could be state, too, of course.)

I elided the table from this component, since it didn’t have any real content based on the original code you had.

EDIT: Based on the augmented code in the question, the expected types for everything become a bit clearer. For one, it’s now clear files is an array of AWS Amplify S3 files, and that we’re using Geist’s Tree component. A full, working example in TypeScript (without AWS Amplify, but with its types) can be found in this CodeSandbox.

const treeDataFile = [{
  type: "directory",
  name: '2022',

export default function App() {
  const [files, setFiles] = React.useState([]);

  React.useEffect(() => {
    // Load files via AWS Amplify.
  }, []);

  const treeWithFiles = React.useMemo(() => {
    const tree = [...treeDataFiles]; // shallow-copy
    (files || []).forEach((file, i) => {
      tree.push({ type: "file", name: String(file.key) });
    return tree;
  }, [files]);
  return (
    <div className="container">
        <CssBaseline />
        <Tree style={{ width: "280px", height: "500" }} value={treeWithFiles} />