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Javascript not resolving worker path relative to current script

I have a script at http://localhost/js/foo.js which needs to spawn a Web Worker from the file http://localhost/js/fooWorker.js. I assumed I could just do something like this:

var worker = new Worker('fooWorker.js')

However, this results in a 404 error, as the browser cannot find http://localhost/fooWorker.js. I was under the impression that worker paths were resolved relative to the script spawning the worker, so shouldn’t I just be able to specify the name of another .js file in the same directory without having to provide an absolute path? Am I doing something wrong?



When the Worker(scriptURL) constructor is invoked, the user agent must run the following steps:

  1. Resolve the scriptURL argument relative to the entry script’s base URL, when the method is invoked.