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Inject TypeORM repository into NestJS service for mock data testing

There’s a longish discussion about how to do this in this issue.

I’ve experimented with a number of the proposed solutions but I’m not having much luck.

Could anyone provide a concrete example of how to test a service with an injected repository and mock data?



Let’s assume we have a very simple service that finds a user entity by id:

export class UserService {
  constructor(@InjectRepository(UserEntity) private userRepository: Repository<UserEntity>) {

  async findUser(userId: string): Promise<UserEntity> {
    return this.userRepository.findOne(userId);

Then you can mock the UserRepository with the following mock factory (add more methods as needed):

// @ts-ignore
export const repositoryMockFactory: () => MockType<Repository<any>> = jest.fn(() => ({
  findOne: jest.fn(entity => entity),
  // ...

Using a factory ensures that a new mock is used for every test.

describe('UserService', () => {
  let service: UserService;
  let repositoryMock: MockType<Repository<UserEntity>>;

  beforeEach(async () => {
    const module: TestingModule = await Test.createTestingModule({
      providers: [
        // Provide your mock instead of the actual repository
        { provide: getRepositoryToken(UserEntity), useFactory: repositoryMockFactory },
    service = module.get<UserService>(UserService);
    repositoryMock = module.get(getRepositoryToken(UserEntity));

  it('should find a user', async () => {
    const user = {name: 'Alni', id: '123'};
    // Now you can control the return value of your mock's methods
    // And make assertions on how often and with what params your mock's methods are called

For type safety and comfort you can use the following typing for your (partial) mocks (far from perfect, there might be a better solution when jest itself starts using typescript in the upcoming major releases):

export type MockType<T> = {
  [P in keyof T]?: jest.Mock<{}>;