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How to return the document data got from firestore using .get() to another function in JS

I have a function that needs some data from firestore and I want to make another function that will get the data and return it to the function calling it

The code that I’m trying:

function getData(){
    var dataNeeded;
    let finalData = await db.collection("Trial").doc("trialDoc").get().then(doc => {
        dataNeeded =;
        return dataNeeded;
    return finalData;

function logic() {
dataRecieved = getData();

Here my logic function needs to use data that is received from the getData function

Any suggestions on how to get the data in this way?


You need to use a promise

function getData() {
  return Firebase.firestore().collection("Trial").doc("trialDoc").get()

async function login() {
  const dataRecieved = await getData();
  // you can data using
  // your logic here