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How to change Delay in swiper in swiper.js?

I am using swiper.js for making a slideshow of images and videos. Here i want to change delay when user click on a button. But i don’t know how to change delay in swiper or any other method to do it??

I have read documentation of swiper.js but there is no function to change delay after creating swiper object.


  <div id="swiper" class="swiper-container mySwiper">
    <div class="swiper-wrapper">
       <div class="swiper-slide">
            <img src="staticimagesarlens.gif" alt="ar">
            <span class="subtitle">
                Hi, Reader Thanks for reading
    <div class="swiper-button-next" id="swiper-button-next"></div>
    <div class="swiper-button-prev" id="swiper-button-prev"></div>
<div class="speed_btns" id="speed_btns">
    <button onclick="change_speed(7500)">1x</button>
    <button onclick="change_speed(5500)">2x</button>
    <button onclick="change_speed(2500)">3x</button>


let speed = 2500
var swiper2 = new Swiper(".mySwiper", {
        centeredSlides: true,
        autoplay: {
            delay: speed,
            disableOnInteraction: false,
        navigation: {
            nextEl: ".swiper-button-next",
            prevEl: ".swiper-button-prev",

  function change_speed(speed){
          // WANT TO CHANGE 'delay' OF 'swiper2' TO 'speed'

Hope, you will guide me…



One possible approach, following advice given in this issue:

function change_speed(speed){
  swiper2.params.autoplay.delay = speed;

As you store the instance of Swiper in the variable, you can use it to modify all its settings directly. The one you need – delay – is placed in autoplay section, according to docs.

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