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How to negate code in “if” statement block in JavaScript -JQuery like ‘if not then..’

For example if I want to do something if parent element for used element hasn’t got ul tag as next element, how can I achieve this?

I try some combination of .not() and/or .is() with no success.

What’s the best method for negate code of a if else block?

My Code

if ($(this).parent().next().is('ul')){
   // code...

I want to achieve this

Pseudo Code:

if ($(this).parent().next().is NOT ('ul')) {
    //Do this..



You can use the Logical NOT ! operator:

if (!$(this).parent().next().is('ul')){

Or equivalently (see comments below):

if (! ($(this).parent().next().is('ul'))){

For more information, see the Logical Operators section of the MDN docs.