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How to make sure ngAfterViewInit runs after a certain HTML element is rendered?

In HTML, there is a <a> that redirects to another component, and after that scrolls to a certain anchor.

In the target component, I have the following code

  ngAfterViewInit(): void {
    this.route.fragment.subscribe(fragment => {
      const elmntLoc: HTMLElement = document.getElementById(fragment);
        top: elmntLoc.offsetTop,
        behavior: "smooth"

However, I found that document.getElementById(fragment); is always null, because this element is displayed conditionally using ngIf = booleanVariable, and when this ngAfterViewInit life cycle hook runs, this booleanVariable is not calculated yet.

I am wondering how to make sure ngAfterViewInit runs after booleanVariable is calculated and therefore this element is rendered?

I tried to use setTime but it seems hacky…

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the answers but they don’t work properly I am afraid… (Perhaps I tried them in a wrong way.)

I managed to solve this problem using

  @ViewChild('elementId') set elementName(elementName: ElementRef) {
      # code to scroll to a certain section of the page.

The method will run after this ViewChild is rendered.