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How to iterate array keys in Javascript?

I have an array created with this code:

var widthRange = new Array();
widthRange[46] = { min:0,  max:52 };
widthRange[66] = { min:52, max:70 };
widthRange[90] = { min:70, max:94 };

I want to get each of the values 46, 66, 90 in a loop. I tried for (var key in widthRange) but this gives me a whole bunch of extra properties (I assume they are functions on the object). I can’t use a regular for loop since the values are not sequential.


You need to call the hasOwnProperty function to check whether the property is actually defined on the object itself (as opposed to its prototype), like this:

for (var key in widthRange) {
    if (key === 'length' || !widthRange.hasOwnProperty(key)) continue;
    var value = widthRange[key];

Note that you need a separate check for length.
However, you shouldn’t be using an array here at all; you should use a regular object. All Javascript objects function as associative arrays.

For example:

var widthRange = { };  //Or new Object()
widthRange[46] = { sel:46, min:0,  max:52 };
widthRange[66] = { sel:66, min:52, max:70 };
widthRange[90] = { sel:90, min:70, max:94 };