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How To Edit After Effects Template with Python or Javascript?

I planning to build an online music visualizer but I cannot figure out how to generate high graphic visualization using this After Effects template – Visualization After Effects Template and similar others. How can I Edit this Template with my own text and audio. I want to make something like this – Website Example

I Found Some Visualization Example using Web Audio & p5js But They Were Not as Graphically Pleasing and I want to Streamline The Process By Using Existing AE Templates. I Was Not Able to Find Any Helpful Tutorial or Tool for this, So I am Here Looking for a Solution.

The Process –

  1. User Makes API Request with Link of Audio (web address), Title and Subtitle.
  2. The Video is Processed with the Data in the request and stored in a public access dir.
  3. Link to The File is Sent Back to The User.

The Tech I Am Open to Use : ReactJS, Javascript, Python, Django, Nodejs.

Thanks for your time.



Use NexRender

This Will Help To Edit and Render After Effects File. Read the Docs and Implement According to Your Need.

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