How can you change the index of multiple array objects?

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How can you change the index of multiple objects within an array of 100 objects? In my case I would like to push them to the end of the array.

I have fetched a json array that contains over 100 objects, each with their own properties including a number property for each object that can be used to filter.


  • I tried populating a variable using .splice to remove the specific array objects. Although .push wont accept that variable.
  • Also tried .slice but couldn’t push the sliced objects to the end.
  • Also tried to loop through the original array using a for loop and an if statement with the condition of each objects “number” property.

Code: (the fetch is a success, only issue is the restructure of the array itself)

elementsArray.value = await data.json();

let removedElements = elementsArray.value.slice(56,71);



  1. With slice, the original array will not be modified. Use splice instead.

  2. push accepts one or more elements. so use spread syntax

const animals = ['ant', 'bison', 'camel', 'duck', 'elephant']

const removedElements = animals.splice(2, 2)


// some other alternatives
// Array.prototype.push.apply(animals, removedElements)
// animals.concat(removedElements)


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