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Documentation for version 4-11.4 of material ui is missing

Since the rollout of MUI v5.0.0-rc.1 all the doc pages of v4 other than v4.12.3 seem to have disappeared.

and (now broken)

where can I find the previous versions documentations ?

Thanks !


Might be related:

You can get the previous versions from git.

Clone the branch with the version you want

git clone --single-branch --branch v4.11.4

Then cd to the folder

cd material-ui

Run it as dev (faster but has to compile individual pages)

yarn && yarn docs:dev

Or build and start it (a bit slower but worth it)

yarn && yarn docs:build && yarn docs:start

Then access it in http://localhost:3000/

You must use yarn, npm install --global yarn if you don’t have it