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Displaying the clicked value (link) on a page in a modal window together with the index value

I have a page with some values in a table which are read from a .csv file and displayed. The values changes with time (dynamic), So I am using for loop in PHP with the size of the file as limit of loop and displaying the values and each values are links that displays a modal window when clicked.

This is my code:


if (($csv = fopen("csv.csv", "r")) !== FALSE) 
        while (($data = fgetcsv($csv, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) 
            $f = $data; 



    echo '<table ><tr><td style="  height:25px; vertical-align: middle;"><a href="#" onclick="overlay()"><input type="button" value="'.$array[$i].'"></a></td></tr></table>

<div id="overlay">
     <table style="height: 37px; ">
              <td style="text-align: left;">color:</td>
              <td  align="left"><input name="color" value="'.$array[$i].'"></td>

              <td style=" text-align: left;">index:</td>
              <td  align="left"><input name="index" value="'.$i.'"></td>

              <td style=" text-align: left;">brightness:</td>
              <td  align="left"><input name="brightness"></td>
<br><input value="Submit" type="submit"><a href="#" onclick="overlay()"><button >X</button></a>

The modal window should contain the respective color clicked, the index and a field for brightness.

And I have a css for overlay where the field is hidden initially,

My csv file is:

green, red, white, blue, yellow

When the button (link) with these values are clicked, it will show a modal window, but it is always showing the first value for all buttons (green always) with index value as 0. Am I doing wrong somewhere? Should I use some JavaScript for obtaining this functionality?

(I am not supposed to use jQuery anywhere)



you can use only one ID on your page, as i see you have lots of id=”overlay”, that’s why it opens the first one

make your id like overlay + Index, and path this name as a parameter to your onclick=”overlay(overlay + Index)

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