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check boxes are not functioning in react-bootstrap-table-next

I am using react-bootstrap-table2, to make tables, I have encounter an issue i.e

I want o have a checkbox inside my table, so I am following This, mention in the documentation, but I am getting unexpected result.

My code

For selecting the row

const selectRow = {
    mode: 'checkbox',
    clickToSelect: true,
    classes: 'selection-row',

Table rendering


I Think issue is coming because of my data, as it is nested one And I am rendering it, but I am not able to resolve it.

My data

let tableData = [
  rowsData: [
      fname: "john",
      lname: "smith"
      fname: "steve",
      lname: "warn"
      fname: "michel",
      lname: "clark"
  columnsData: [
      dataField: "fname",
      text: "First name",
      sort: true
      dataField: "lname",
      text: "last Name",
      sort: true


Here is my code sandbox link This


You’re telling keyField="id" yet each of your rowsData has no id. Give each of them an id and it should work.

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