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Change jquery ui datepicker programmatically

I’ve got a jquery ui datepicker on my page. It’s linked to a span not an input. It’s currently tweeked to select a week at a time. I’ve also got two buttons on my page ‘Previous Week’ and ‘Next Week’. I want the buttons to control what’s selected by the datepicker. (ie jump forward / backward by one week when pressed).

I’m not sure how to grab the datepicker so I can mess with it (or what I actually mess with – is there a real ‘object’ there, or is it a just a load of css / html component like ‘ui-datepicker-current-day’ etc).



there is a real object you can hold a reference to.


var datePicker = $("#id").datepicker({firstDay: 1});

to know what you can do with it, check:

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