Can I have an onclick event on a imagemap area element?

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I would like to put an onclick event on an area element. Here is my setup:

<img id="image" src="wheel.png" width="2795" height="2795" usemap="#Map" >
    <map name="Map">
    <area class="blue" onclick="myFunction()" shape="poly" coords="2318,480,1510,1284" href="#">

I have tried 2 different ways to have an onclick event. Firstly i tried this:

$(".blue").click( function(event){

I have also tried this:

function myFunction() {

Neither of the above work. Do area elements support the above, or do they only support having a href?


Pay attention:

  1. Attribute href is obligatory, without it the area-tag does nothing!

  2. To add a click event, you’ll need to block default href.

Your code should start as follows:

$(".blue").on("click", function(e){
       your code here

Live example here.

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