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Bootstrap Tooltips Disappear Upon Sorting Table

I have included some Bootstrap tooltips (indicated by glyphicons) in my table ( by adding the following tag directly into my table cell:

<i class="glyphicon glyphicon-tags" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right" data-title="this is a tooltip glyphicon"></i>

I initialize the tooltips by triggering tooltipExe () every time the table is loaded (line 56, 82, 109, 117), defined as follows:

function tooltipExe () {

While it works perfectly when the table is loaded, the Bootstrap tooltip effect within the table cells strangely disappear once I sort the table. I looked through the Bootstrap JS documentation and the forum but couldn’t find anything helpful. Does anyone know what might cause such disappearance? I would very much appreciate your help!


Yeah, Bootstrap must be doing something that breaks your tooltip binding. Run it on the sort callback:

$table.on('', function () {

Update: The sort event didn’t work, possibly since it fires at the beginning of the sort operation, so I went with I see that an after-sort event has been requested.


Update again: I see from that Github thread that you could use the event to reduce the number of function calls.

Demo 2