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Ajax and Jquery in Symfony

I’m a beginner in Symfony (version 2), I have a project achieved with plain basic PHP, and now I’m redoing my pages in dealing with Symfony framework, and arrived to my jquery ajax functions, surely, things gonna be different, I used to do like this:

  $.post("targetFile.php",{/*parameters*/,function(data){ });

Q: How to make that works on Symfony? What to put instead of targetFile.php? a route most probably. and what to do on the controller and router sides? I looked out on Google and here, but didn’t get any clear answers. Regards.



If you set inside routing.yml this:

    resource: "@SomethingAdminBundle/Controller/AjaxController.php"
    type:     annotation
    prefix:   /admin/ajax  

… and inside controller, that will handle ajax call this:

 * @Route("/ajaxhandler", name="_admin_ajax_handler")
public function handlerAction() {
    $isAjax = $this->get('Request')->isXMLHttpRequest();
    if ($isAjax) {
        return new Response('This is ajax response');
    return new Response('This is not ajax!', 400);

… then inside for example TWIG template you should call it like this:

  $.post("{{ url('_admin_items_add') }}",{/*parameters*/,function(data){ });

… and the real route for your action will be generated with templating engine.

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