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Adding to browser context menu?

Is it possible to add item to the default browser right button click menu?


One option is to replace the context menu with your own JavaScript triggered equivalent.

Firefox implemented the menu element where you can add to the existing context menu. It was also implemented in Chrome behind a flag. Unfortunately this feature has been removed from the W3C standard due to a lack of implementation interest.

<menu type="context" id="mymenu">
    <menuitem label="Refresh Post" onclick="window.location.reload();" icon="/images/refresh-icon.png"></menuitem>
    <menuitem label="Skip to Comments" onclick="window.location='#comments';" icon="/images/comment_icon.gif"></menuitem>
    <menu label="Share on..." icon="/images/share_icon.gif">
        <menuitem label="Twitter" icon="/images/twitter_icon.gif" onclick="goTo('//' + document.title + ':  ' + window.location.href);"></menuitem>
        <menuitem label="Facebook" icon="/images/facebook_icon16x16.gif" onclick="goTo('//' + window.location.href);"></menuitem>

To make an element use this context menu, add the contextmenu="mymenu" attribute to it. You can see here that mymenu matches the id attribute of the menu element.